About theBridge

Authenticity, devotion, passion!
Here’s the deal with theBridge community... We’re passionately seeking an encounter with God.  Some people call us a church service, but we're more than that. You see, we don’t want people to come expecting to be served as much as we want people to gather with the purpose of worshiping an amazing God.
There’s a few things you’ll notice about theBridge. First, we’re all about God! Our only agenda is lifting Him up and allowing his Word to change us into the individuals He’s destined us to become. Second, we don’t worry about what people are wearing or the color of their hair, or what you had for breakfast because after all, didn’t Jesus say “Come as you are?” On any given Saturday you’ll find people wearing suits, others jeans and t-shirts and sometimes (on that one cold day Florida gets each year) argyle sweaters!
The last thing you’ll notice is a group of people in desperate need of a savior. People living in a real world with real issues with the intent of helping each other deal with “life.”  At theBridge community we take off our masks understanding that no one is perfect except God.
So if you’re between the ages of 18-35 or just young at heart come join us and help us encounter God together.
God, People, Service


Pastor Keyla

Keyla Robinson

Associate Pastor
Forest Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church


Phone: 407.869.0680 
Email: krobinson@forestlakechurch.org
Twitter: @keylavazquez
Facebook: facebook.com/robinsonkeyla